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I am an adventurer. I have always been an adventurer as long as I can remember. Always going around the corner to see what is there. Life has taught me to be cautious of leaping over the fence to see if the grass is better. So I have learnt many precautionary tricks, like check out the surroundings before going head first into any situation. 

Anything can be an adventure. Looking into a nearby forest or taking a trip into a Country you have never experienced before. I have been fortunate to have gone to many places and lived there for a short time and been able to search out the makings of their society while taking in the sights, sounds, food and culture. It has been fun and given rise to my love of writing. 

Since I was a child I have loved to write stories. My imagination is like that. The teacher may not of appreciated this, he only commented on my grammar but I took great pleasure in telling my tales. Sort of an innermost satisfaction.

I hope I can convey to you my love for telling stories, just like I did for my children when they were growing up  

Eoin McDonald

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